2019.01.03 Homily

Readings and Gospel at USCCB

Jesus goes home, tells his people who he really is, and they try to kill him.

It is difficult to change, around people who watched you grow up.


Where are we supposed to go?

To sing of God’s love in a foreign land.

Because we are bound by expectation at home.

Go to a new people, to be a new person.

Be the person God wants you to be.

And sing of his love, in a foreign land.


There is a wise saying: you can never run a marathon, if you keep sitting on the couch.

It’s so simple and obvious, but that’s why we need to hear it.

We can’t become something else, if we stay the way we are.

We can’t become the saint God is calling us to be be, if we stay the same.


To be converted, we must escape from our routines, and have God craft us new ones.

In a way, we must leave home.

Leave the couch.


Find the things that are good: the times of prayer, the kind words, the helpful actions.

Ask God to magnify those things.

Find the things that are bad: the times of escape, the harsh words, the mean actions.

Ask God to take them away.


We cannot live the life God is calling us to, if we stay in the life we have now.

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