2019.01.06 Epiphany

Gospel and Readings from USCCB

When I was a child, every once in a while, I’d bring a few flowers to my mother. She would graciously and happily accept them, all the while knowing that I had picked them in her flower garden.


That is the same story we hear today in our Gospel, and it’s foretelling in the first reading.

God’s creatures, brought some of God’s creations, and gave them to God.

It’s the same thing that happens every mass: we give our time, throw some money we earned with the gifts God gave us into the basket, and we give our energy and attention.

We give some of God’s gifts to us, back to Him.


It is an archetypal pattern that goes back all the way to the beginning: making a sacrifice; giving a gift to the one who gave the gift to us in the first place.


Why do we do it?

It’s all we can do.


It can be called wonder, or awe, or thankfulness.

It’s something we all feel as humans: that things are so wonderful, we have to do something about it.

We have to build churches, write poetry, make sculpture, give gifts, sing songs.

Even in the most terrible of situations, this deep desire cannot be quashed.


We know, we ourselves are a gift, and for that, we give thanks.


Join the Magi, bring your gifts, and lay them before our Lord, the giver of all things. Amen.

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