2019.02.10 Homily

Readings and Gospel at USCCB

I grew up in Chicago, and there was a beach along Lake Michigan we’d go to every summer.

If you went out into the water about ten feet, it would be up to your knees. Another ten feet, up to your waist. Another ten feet, up to your neck.

And then somewhere around 35 feet out, it would drop off suddenly. The lake went from being 5 feet deep, to 30.

It was the scariest shelf to walk off of. You’d be walking through the water, and all the sudden there was no sand beneath your feet.

Just water, and nothing to hold on to.


“Put out into deep water…”

The thing Jesus asks us to do again and again, is to trust him.

To leave behind the semblances of comfort and security that we cling to, and embrace an adventurous life of following him.

Of stepping off the ledge.


How much do we trust Jesus?

Are we ready to follow him into the deep, where there is nothing to hold on to, no ground beneath our feet.


Let me suggest a practical way to grow in that trust.

A small thing we can all do this week:

Find one of the things you hold on to, one of the things that gives you comfort, and let go of it for the week.

Perhaps its spending time on your cell phone, or watching television, or reading, or anything you do, to distract yourself.

Let it go for a week, trust Jesus to use your time more wisely, and see what difference it makes.


Step off the ledge, go to the depths.

Become a fisher, of men.

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  1. A thought provoking & challenging suggestion to help us grow in trust & opening ourselves to being silent so that we can hear God speaking to us. Great homily. Thanks Fr. David.

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