2019.02.17 Homily

Gospel and Readings at USCCB

The prophets in the Old Testament, often made their way to Jerusalem.

And often, that is where they died, or at the very least were persecuted for delivering God’s message.


There is a tomb at the top of the mount of Olives, it looks over the city of Jerusalem, and tradition holds that Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi are buried in that tomb.

A testament that those who did God’s work, had only persecution and death to look forward to in this life.


“Cursed is the one who trusts in human beings,

who seeks his strength in flesh,

whose heart turns away from the LORD.”


There is a bit of wisdom from St Ignatius of Loyola, that seems drawn directly from this passage of our first reading.

We can trust people to act as people, fickle and fallen, but we can still hope that they will do good.

We can trust them to be human, and hope that they will be saints.


If we place trust in a human being to do good, to be holy; he have put our trust in the wrong place.

Our trust, can only properly be placed in God.


The only person we can believe in to be reliable, honest, and actually interested in us, is God.

We can look to the past for proof, and see that much of the history of humanity, is written in the actions of betrayal and falseness.

We can look at our history with God, and see that he has ever been faithful to His promises.


For instance, if we do preach the Good News, we will be hated, excluded, insulted, and denounced, just as Jesus said.

Give it a try, test the hypothesis. You will see.


Where is our trust?

Is it in people, yourself, money, power, the world?

During the rest of this mass, ask Jesus to show you where you place your trust, and beg his help in learning to trust, only in Him.

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