2019.05.05 Homily

Readings and Gospel at the USCCB

There is a quote from CS Lewis that I’ve seen floating around online for the past few years, it reads:

“I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.”


It ties in nicely with our Gospel today.

Because Jesus is basically telling Peter the same thing.


The test of love, the three-fold question, when coupled with the prophecy of Peter’s death, becomes a larger question.

Jesus is showing Peter just how difficult this life is going to be, and is asking for his commitment.


Following Christ is complicated, uncomfortable, painful, simple, joy-filled, sorrowful, monotonous, difficult, and demanding.

It is the only life that will be fully human.

But being fully human, hurts.


With Peter, Jesus is asking us today, if we love him, if we truly want this life.

And if our answer is yes, he invites us, to follow after him.

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Lecturas y Evangelio en la USCCB

Hay una cita de CS Lewis que es apropiada para nuestro Evangelio de hoy:

“No fui a la religión para hacerme feliz. Siempre supe que una botella de vino haría eso. Si quieres que una religión te haga sentir realmente cómodo, ciertamente no recomiendo el cristianismo.”


Se conecta muy bien con nuestro Evangelio, porque Jesús le está diciendo a Pedro lo mismo.


La prueba del amor, cuando se combina con la profecía de la muerte de Pedro, se convierte en una cuestión más amplia.

Jesús le está mostrando a Pedro lo difícil que será esta vida, y le está pidiendo su compromiso.


Seguir a Cristo es complicado, incómodo, monótono y exigente.

Es la única vida que será plenamente humana.

Pero al ser completamente humano, duele.


Jesús nos pregunta hoy, con Pedro, si realmente lo amamos, si realmente deseamos esta vida.

Si nuestra respuesta es sí, nos invita a seguirlo.

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