2019.09.29 Homily

Readings and Gospel from USCCB

‘Then I beg you, father,

send him to my father’s house, for I have five brothers,

so that he may warn them,

lest they too come to this place of torment.’

But Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the prophets.

Let them listen to them.’

Let them listen.


To listen, to truly listen with complete attention, is difficult.

Anyone who’s raised children knows this.

We make quick judgements to determine what’s important, and then we determine what level of attention we listen with.


Jesus is asking us to listen with complete attention, to the things that are important.


Notice that in both the first reading and Gospel, it is the wealthy who ignore the plight of the poor | the very people with the resources to help, ignore those that need help. And because of that, they are damned. 

Their damnation is not necessarily due to their wealth, but to their lack of listening, and their ensuing inaction.


If we do not hear the voice of God, then we cannot act on his prompting, and our lives will be a self-guided mess along the highway to the place we don’t want to go. 


But listening to God is difficult.

There’s a translation gap.

For us, mere mortals, born in time and trapped in space, listening to an eternal being; who creates from nothing, is absolutely perfect, and is not bound at all by his creations, including space and time, the gap between our language and His: is ridiculous to imagine. 

We are finite, listening for the voice of the infinite.

We cup our ear to the abyss, trying to comprehend God’s language.


But we know there is hope, because others have heard the whisper of God.

We have an army of saints that has gone before us, who heard His voice, and put His words into action.

It is possible, it has happened.

The steps are simple, give God the time, the silence, and the complete attention that is needed: and we will hear Him.


Please set aside some time today, to listen to God.

To give Him your complete attention.

Make it a daily habit, to sit with God, in silence.

2 thoughts on “2019.09.29 Homily

  • Their damnation is not necessarily due to their wealth, but to their lack of listening, and their ensuing inaction.
    This is so true!!!
    thank you for all your homilies. They are very good.

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