2020.02.23 Homily

Readings and Gospel at USCCB

There is an epic poem by GK Chesterton, entitled The Ballad of the White Horse, which deals with the story of King Alfred, who drove the Danes out of England during the 800’s.

A character in the poem, who goes by the name Eldred, is introduced in this way:

But smoke of some good feasting

Went upwards evermore,

And Eldred’s doors stood wide apart

For loitering foot or labouring cart,

And Eldred’s great and foolish heart

Stood open like his door.


Most of us have known someone like this, someone who is always ready to make themselves available, kitchen door always open, the coffee always ready. 

A generous soul, a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with, a true friend.


Whenever we see someone like that, we catch a glimpse of God.


Whenever we see overabundant generosity, kindness given without expectation of return: we have seen God’s face.


When Jesus tells us in the Gospel to give more than is asked, he is telling us to do what he is already doing.

He is inviting us to become, what we are.

Made in God’s image, reckless generosity is part of our DNA.


Take the rest of this mass to ponder: what holds you back?

What is standing in the way of going the extra mile?


Ask Jesus to show you.

Ask him to remove that barrier.

Ask him to make you recklessly generous.


So that when people look at you, they will catch a glimpse: of God. 

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Lecturas y Evangelio en la USCCB

Piensa en alguien que conoces, que sea un buen amigo.

Alguien que siempre está listo para escuchar, listo para ayudar, listo para consolarlo en apuros.

Un alma generosa, alguien con quien reír, alguien con quien llorar, un verdadero amigo.


Cada vez que vemos a alguien así, vemos una imagen de Dios.


Cada vez que vemos generosidad excesiva, amabilidad dada sin expectativa de retorno: hemos visto la cara de Dios.


Cuando Jesús nos dice en el Evangelio que demos más de lo que se nos pide, nos dice que hagamos lo que ya está haciendo.

Nos está invitando a ser lo que somos.

Estamos hechos a imagen de Dios, la generosidad es parte de nuestra alma.


Durante el resto de esta masa, reflexionar: ¿qué te impede generoso?


Pídale a Jesús que le muestre que Barrera dtiene su generosidad, y pídale que elimine esa barrera.

Pídele que te haga generoso.


Para que cuando la gente te mire, ellos vean una imagen de Dios.