2020.03.22 Homily

Gospel and Readings at USCCB

The themes of our Gospel and readings today, are light and vision.

In the first reading, Samuel is asked to rely on God’s vision, which sees through external appearance, straight to the heart.

Then in the second reading: God is light, allowing us to see and to live righteous and good lives.


Finally, in the Gospel, Jesus gives sight to a man born blind.


Imagine for a moment, what it would be like to be blind.

Imagine what it would be like, just waking up and getting out of bed in the morning.


Most of us probably find the alarm and turn it off without opening our eyes, so no problem there.

But once our feet hit the floor, things would get difficult. 

We’d have to have the spatial relationships memorized:

One step forward, three steps to the right, four steps to the left.

And that’s just to get to the bathroom.

To find something like our toothbrush and toothpaste, we’d have to remember exactly where we left them.

And that’s all before the day really begins.


For the blind, memory and systemization; hearing, smell, and feel: take the place of vision. Living is not impossible, it just becomes difficult in ways that we with sight cannot understand.


When God tells us that he is the light, and he gives us sight: he is telling us he offers us a full life.

A life of abundance, one that, symbolically and actually, calls on all our senses.


When Jesus heals this man, giving sight to one who never had it, he is showing us what conversion is:

A gift of God, that shows us the things we have been missing.


But the response of the man shows us how conversion continues.

He witnesses to the good things God did for him, and for that is excluded from his community.

And then Jesus welcomed him into his community.


That is conversion.

A gift from God.

Sharing that gift.

Exclusion from a community of sin.

Welcomed into the community of God.


We are all in need of continual conversion.

The road to sainthood does not stop until we breathe our last.


As we approach the liturgy of the Eucharist, let us ask God to open our eyes.

To draw us forth from our sinful situations.

To show us, the truth.

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Lecturas y Evangelio en la USCCB

Los temas de nuestro Evangelio y las lecturas de hoy son la luz y la visión.

En la primera lectura, se le pide a Samuel que confíe en la visión de Dios, que puede ver todo.

Luego, en la segunda lectura: Dios es luz, lo que nos permite ver y vivir vidas justas y buenas.

/ /

Finalmente, en el Evangelio, Jesús da la vista a un ciego.


Imagina por un momento cómo sería ser ciego.

Vivir con los ojos cerrados, sin ver nada.

No es una forma imposible de vivir, pero es muy difícil.


Cuando Dios nos dice que él es la luz, y nos da la vista: nos dice que ofrece una vida plena.

Una vida de abundancia, una que, simbólica y efectivamente, llama a todos nuestros sentidos.

/ /

Cuando Jesús sana a este hombre, viendo a alguien que nunca lo tuvo, nos muestra qué es la conversión:

Un regalo de Dios, que nos muestra las cosas que no hemos visto.

/ /

Pero la respuesta del hombre nos muestra cómo continúa la conversión.

Él es testigo de las cosas buenas que Dios hizo por él, y por eso está excluido de su comunidad.

Y luego Jesús lo recibió en su comunidad.

/ /

Eso es conversión.

Un regalo de Dios.

Compartiendo ese regalo.

Exclusión de una comunidad de pecado.

Bienvenido a la comunidad de Dios.


Todos necesitamos una conversión continua.

El camino a la santidad no se detiene hasta que morimos.

/ /

Durante el resto de esta misa, pidamos a Dios que abra los ojos.

Para sacarnos de nuestras situaciones pecaminosas.

Para mostrarnos, la verdad.

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