2020.03.01 Homily

Readings and Gospel at USCCB

The Church presents to us a beautiful story of redemption in our first reading and Gospel. 

How Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden after being tempted once, and how Jesus did not sin at all, while being tempted three times.

What Adam and Eve lost in the Garden, is brought back by Christ and His Church. What they broke he restores.


Whenever we stray from God, we fall into sin.

Whenever we move away from Him, we hurt ourselves and others.

God is the source of our life, when we turn from the source, we begin to fade.


Sin is a difficult thing to talk about, because it is such a hurtful thing.

It is a turning away from God, a walking away.

But that’s not the most helpful analogy, since God is present everywhere.


When we sin, we turn away from God by turning in on ourselves.

We collapse into ourselves, losing sight of others, becoming self-obsessed.

That is sin: a complete loss of perspective.


And that is what Jesus enters in to.

Into the muck of our sin, our self-absorption, our lack of perspective.


God is the only one who can bring us out of sin, and into life.

We cannot do anything on our own, trying to do things on our own is what got us into this mess.


It must become our daily prayer, our hourly prayer, the prayer we say with every breath: Jesus, save me.

Break through my self-obsession.

Draw my attention to You.

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Lecturas y Evangelio en la USCCB

La Iglesia presenta una historia de redención en nuestra primera lectura y Evangelio.

Cómo Adán y Eva pecaron en el jardín después de ser tentados una vez, y cómo Jesús no pecó, mientras fueron tentados tres veces.

El pecado de Adán y Eva en el jardín es vencido por Cristo.


El pecado es algo importante para discutir.

Cuando pecamos, nos alejamos de Dios al volvernos sobre nosotros mismos.

Nos colapsamos en nosotros mismos y perdemos de vista a los demás.

Eso es pecado: una completa pérdida de perspectiva.


Y eso es lo que Jesús vino a hacer: sacarnos del pecado.

Dios es el único que puede sacarnos del pecado y llevarlo a la vida.

No podemos hacer nada por nuestra cuenta, tratar de hacer las cosas por nuestra cuenta es lo que nos llevó al pecado.


Debe convertirse en nuestra oración diaria: Jesús, sálvame del pecado.

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