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New website, as of Christmas, 2022

My Old Website

I believe this is the 7th or 8th iteration of this website. The main purpose has always been to share my homilies, as well as learn more about website design and hosting and all that good stuff.

And I've learned a lot over the years. Starting with Blogger back in the day, moving to Wordpress, then Wordpress hosted on a VPS, most recently Publii as a static site generator, and finally this, my attempt at a mostly html, with just a smattering of css, and hopefully no javascript website.

This is to be a simple site, a la 1996ish. Not even an rss feed. I'm doing this, with the goal to try self hosting at some point, and also keep it simple enough that it'll be easy to bring over to p2p protocols to test them out.

Everything on this website is within the public domain.
Do whatever you want with it.