Getting Started With Manyverse

Here's a walk through on how to get started using Manyverse, a peer-to-peer, offline first social media.

1. Download the app, ( you cannot have the same account on multiple devices, so if you want it on your phone and computer, go ahead and download it on both, but be ready to setup separate accounts (people usually name one account 'Joe Smith phone', and the other 'Joe Smith computer')

I highly recommend starting with your computer account, the computer app is more dependable.

2. Setup your account. Everything will be empty, don't worry, that's normal. Setup your profile, upload a profile pic, write a description of yourself.

3. Now, let's get you connected. Go to in your browser on the same device, on the top right part of screen, next to 'sign in,' you'll see 'create new invite.' Follow the prompts and connect.

4. On your connections tab, click through to see the room, and look for this account: @1aH12oCn9ntmNnZ0lG2gCnZ3+kH08gQ7o6q7Li4LTuk=.ed25519 This account should be online 24/7, though it will be down periodically for updates. Follow the account.

5. And now we wait...

6. Unfortunately, I'll need to follow you back for you to see all the accounts I see.

7. In the meantime, make an introduction post, and use the hashtage #new-people and #newhere to get noticed.

8. I'll try to follow back accounts at least once a day, so check back after a few days, it'll start downloading posts once we're connected, then start following some people, liking, commenting, all the usual stuff!

PS: As of time of publication, this room server is just starting, and will have few other accounts on it. Hopefully it will grow and provide a bustling place for newcomers to experience the network.

Advanced things to try:

A. Increase replication hops: go to settings, and increase replication hops to 3 or 4 in order to load more accounts to your device. This will require more memory (each account you can view is stored on your device, which means it's accessible offline, but it also means you can take up a lot of memory if you're not careful), so you can also click through to storage, and increase the storage limit to whatever is good for that device.

B. Connect to pub servers: if you want to meet a lot of people really quickly, a pub server is the way to do that. The process is beyond the scope of this tutorial, so I'll leave it up to you to do more research and decide if it's something you want to do. Search terms to get you moving in the right direction are: 'ssb' 'pub' 'server'. SSB is the protocol Manyverse is built on, stands for Secure Scuttlebutt. Pub servers have a few drawbacks, but if you want to find other people fast, it's the best way.

C. Backup your recovery phrase: in case your phone ever gets bricked, or you want to move your account to a new device (remember: cannot use the same account on multiple devices, it messes things up), it's a good idea to write down your 24 word recovery phrase somewhere, either in a password manager, or on paper and keep it filed away.